Appetizers & Tempura

Ebi Furai

Breaded deep fried shrimp served with tonkatsu sauce



Simple grilled squid topped with soy sauce


Beef Tataki

Lightly seared beef with fried garlic chips, shredded cabbage,green onions,spicy radish and ponzu sauce



Seared albacore tuna with onions, bonito flakes, red chili and a side of garlic ginger soy sauce


Ika Karaage

Deep fried squid tentacles served with a side of mayonnaise


Tako Sunomono

Octopus served with sliced vegetables soaked in sweet vinegar



Lightly salted and boiled young soy beans


Ebi Sunomono

Cooked shrimps served with sliced vegetables soaked in sweet vinegar



Deep fried pork cutlets served with special dipping sauce


Gyoza (5pcs)

Japanese pan-fired dumplings that are juicy on the inside and golden brown and crispy on the outside



Japanese grilled chicken


Age-Dashi Tofu

Deep fried tofu served in soy sauce, topped with dried seaweed and bonito flakes


Seaweed Salad


Miso Soup


Takoyaki (6 pcs)

Octopus balls served in tonkatsu sauce, topped with bonito flakes



Ebi Tempura (6 pcs)

Succulent shrimp tempura


Assorted Tempura

Golden shrimp and assorted vegetable tempura


Vegetable Tempura

Assorted vegetable tempura